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  1. How to get rid of guilt?
    I wanna smoke hookah pens. I’m 14 and my father has always told me to never smoke. But my father has never heard of hookah. Either way I am gonna smoke it I just need to know how to get rid of the guilt when I look at my father

    • Sorry, I cannot give you a good answer to that. I do have a question, though. How old do you have to be to purchase cigarettes where you live. Why do I ask? Because most places require that you are old enough to buy cigarettes before they will sell you a hookah pen.

      There are other reasons not to do this. First, and foremost, smoking is not cool. Now before you tell me that there is no tobacco or nicotine in the hookah pen (I am aware of that), there are still dangers. The biggest danger is the HABIT. When people quit smoking, one of the most difficult things for them to deal with is the habit of raising the cigarette to their lips. By smoking the electronic hookah pen, you are learning this habit, as well as the habit of inhaling warm vapors – and it could become a cigarette habit when you are at legal age.

      There is also a misconception that hookah pipes are safer than cigarettes. This has been found to be not true. With hookah pipes, In a traditional hookah the liquid that is burned is a mixture of tobacco and molasses. This provides nicotine and hundreds of other chemicals from burned tobacco. I realize that the hookah pen and the hookah pipe are different however it is easy to transition between the two so I feel that this is important to bring up. I have included a few links in the “What’s your source?” section for you to review. In one of the reports, you will see how smoking hookah pipes (not pens) can increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke and sudden death in people with heart or lung conditions due to a higher level of Carbon Monoxide in the blood. Can you be 100% certain that you do not have an undiagnosed heart condition?

      Your father has every right be be against you smoking. Costs for purchasing the product (fiscal irresponsibility), long-term health risks, potential legal costs…

      So you really have two choices. Respect and obey your father and pass on the Hookah pens, pipes… and keep a clean conscious or disrespect and disobey your father and accept all the guilt that you chose to take on. Only you can decide.

  2. How old do you have to be to buy a hookah pen and where can you buy them?
    I’m 16 and live in California. No lectures on my age or the dangers of hookah

  3. What is shisha pen, how does it work?
    I saw someone with one today and I’ve never seen one before.
    I was just wondering how it works, does it have like shisha in it? or is it like an e-cigarette?
    I don’t even know how e-cigarettes work either.
    Can someone explain this to me please? :D

    Thank you for answering!

    • The newest trend for 2013 is the eShisha / ecig / shisha pen! Using the same principles as an electronic cigarette, Shisha Pens smoke just like a real cigarette but without the smell and dangers associated. These disposable Shisha/Hookah pens contains no tobacco, no nicotine (where indicated ), no tar and simply produces thick vapour with mouth-watering flavours that looks like real smoke.

      Most are designed to have an LED light, which lights up, to add to the realism and gives on average 500 puffs. As this is not smoking, you are allowed to smoke these indoors including bars and clubs making these the ultimate shisha experience on the go.

  4. How old do you have to be to buy a hookah pen and where can you buy them?
    I’m 16 and live in California. No lectures on my age or the dangers of hookah

  5. How to get hookah pens if you’re under 18?
    Okay I am 14 years old and I love my dads e-ciggarette when he goes to sleep I do it every night but I want my own and I heard about hookah pens and i really want that or an e cig how can I get one and yes I know the dangers of it all I DON’T CARE but can you please help me and buying it on the internet is sketchy because idk if me or my parents will get the mail please help

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